Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear PokeMonholics Annonymous,

Enclosed is a letter of recommendation from my mother and husband, both of whom say a grown woman should not be playing Pokemon and that I should be committed.

Institutionalize me for my addiction if you wish.  Send me to a rehab center where there are no Gameboys.  But if you do, know this.  Ash Ketchum and I grew up together.  Me and him.  Him and me.  We've caught them all.

He has been with me since I was nine.  Longer than my husband.  Longer than my baby.  Longer than my longest time bestest friend.  Pokemon is how I first learned to draw.  Pokemon is how I first learned to write stories.

Oh?  You've changed your mind?  I can stay?  I can keep my DS?  Good.

Ash and I thank you.

PokeMon Champion

1 comment:

  1. I've been with you longer than anyone, and I mean anyone. Would the person who plays spider solitaire as much as I do say ANYTHING about your pokemon habits?
    Besides, I know you are compelled to catch 'em all.